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Solvent less Lamination Machine (Solvent Free)

Solvent less Lamination Machine (Solvent Free)
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Description / Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Model : NISSI SL 3010
  • Fully Integrated Operator friendly Interface with Recipe Storage
  • Adhesive mixer and dispenser with Auto refill & applied adhesive calculation
  • Independent motorization of the four roll application
  • Laminating Unit consists of Steel Cylinder, High density Rubber Cylinder and Nip Pressurized roll for bubble free and even lamination
  • Metering assembly allows adhesive Micro- gap adjustment for accurate coating synchronized with the adhesive mixing system 
  • High precision Tension control system for quality laminates with minimum material waste
  • Shaft less winders with pneumatic core pressure stabilizer to prevent core lossening at high speeds
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